Technology works for you only when you know how to use it. That is why our On-Site training begins at the same time we are reconfiguring, augmenting, or designing your system.Our ongoing training gets your staff up to speed fast and keeps them current as your business develops and grows.

Because training is such a critical factor in the success of a companys growth, TechnosoftPro has formed a dedicated Training and Assimilation practice. Our training and unique assimilation services offer customers comprehensive learning solutions built for all the needs of modern business. Our expert tutors provide training across a wide range of information, technology and communication applications. TechnosoftPro customizes the training program based on advanced training methodologies and evaluation tolls meeting our client's needs in terms of content, target audience, level of knowledge, and training times. We take a multidisciplinary approach to training by assembling a dedicated team with all the necessary technology, business domain, and course content & design skills.

Traditional learning methods are complemented with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and e-learning platforms, enabling end-users to learn at their own pace and level. Self study kits and documentations are provided to meet all content materials.


TechnosoftPro implementation on its different softwares is unique and is always focused from the customer service desk into the manufacturing facility and onto the warehouse shelves, TechnosoftPro will be onsite and available to help customers obtain the largest return on investment possible. Anyone familiar with implementing a new ERP system knows the software selection process is only the beginning. The true work begins when the actual implementation starts. TechnosoftPro project management staff is an integral part of any software installation, maintains an active role on the project team, and guides the project along in a timely and cost effective manner.