Cost Savings without comprising the quality of candidates has become the primary goal of all clients. With TechnosoftPros Extended Offshore Staffing Program, we provide clients dedicated, qualified offsite staff in India and Canada enabling clients to cost effectively operate, grow and compete in the global market. Client works directly with resources, managing offshore resources on daily basis.

TechnosoftPro manages all other aspects of business including Recruitment, Human Resources, Infrastructure, etc.

TechnosoftPro helps clients transform their business by providing the opportunity to save significant capital and operational expense. We are able to drastically reduce clients operational costs because our service offering includes:

Highly educated, dedicated, exclusive offsite staff that augments or reallocates personnel in clients workplace working under clients direct supervision. Unlimited Outbound, Inbound calling and audio/video conferencing services to offsite staff. Secure, Complete Privacy, Intellectual Property Protection, Extended data/voice security over dedicated private lines. Fixed cost resource model for long term commitment.TechnosoftPros commitment on knowledge retention by keeping extra associate engineers on the project which are not billed to the client. Flexibility to add resources depending on the demand of the existing project without the overhead of fresh environment setup.