If you know someone who would be a good fit for positions advertised on TechnosoftPro company website , please share the job description with them .If they are interested, complete the Candidate Referral Formand send in your referrals resume along with the candidate referral form to info@technosoftpro.com.You can also just have your referral send us their resume with your name listed as the referrer. You can also just have your referral send us their resume with your name listed as the referrer. Once a referral entry form is submitted, the candidate will be entered into our database and remain active for six months. If your candidate is not hired within 6 months of being referred, that referral is no longer eligible for a bonus. A candidate cannot be referred more than once.

The successful candidate must be employed by TechnosoftPro for a period of 90 workdays in order for you (the referrer) to be eligible for the bonus. Referral Entry Form The bonus** is calculated on 1% of the size of the opportunity, with a minimum bonus of $100 and a maximum of $1000, payable 90 days after the project begins. Please email information about possible candidate referrals to info@technosoftpro.com. with the completed Candidate Referral Form

The Rules:

To be eligible to receive the business referral bonus, the referrer must complete a Business Referral Form prior to the placement of a consultant assignment. The opportunity must be new at the time the Business Referral is submitted, NOT an existing requirement in TechnosoftPros database. The referrer will be paid 90 calendar days after the consultants start date. The bonus will not be pro-rated.

Please email information about possible job openings to info@technosoftpro.com with the completed Business Referral Form. Management retains the right to approve or decline any referrals and also to determine the bonus payout for each referral. All referral payments are subject to applicable federal and state tax withholdings.